The Making of My Amendment

Award winning leather tannery

Award winning leather tannery Wickett & Craig

“Finding the right partners to work with the My Amendment project was critical and not without some challenges.  Achieving the best requires the best.”

At first, there was a delay in leatherfrom the top tannery Wickett & Craig as their splitter was down and they were waiting for a technician from Italy to come and repair it.  Timing was critical and we decided that the 2nd best tannery was just not going to cut it.  Wickett & Craig are founded in 1867 and they provide the leather for all the top luggage and shoe companies in the world.  Our first order from them just arrived yesterday.

Our artisans also needed to be of equal caliber and we found a family run multi-generational one in California who was made master leather craftsman in the UK.

Our first design is the double black vegetable tanned leather bracelet.  It’s the signature one that is launching first.  We will have a vegan option as well as one where you can add on metal pieces to the bracelet as you achieve each amendment.  We don’t use a metal plate like they do in Italy.  Instead a softer material imprints a much more beautiful effect.  It’s not as harsh but even more effective.

Other colors will be available down the line with dark chestnut leathers that wear down wonderfully over time.  Black however, was all about the root of My Amendment.

Groups orders receive a percentage donated to the charity of choice.  This is the whole cycle of giving and changing and giving  and changing back.


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