About My Amendment

Team leader Arsen, the master leather artisan at work.

About My Amendment craftsmen

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Japanese coating is applied onto each edge

Japanese coating is applied by hand onto edges

Team leader Arsen is a certified master leather craftsman.

Under his leadership, the team works on each item with extreme care and skill in California.

Everything is hand cut with a shoemaker’s knife, hand burnished and finished with a Japanese coating.

Each piece is hand burnished

Each piece is hand burnished

We use the highest Italian leather quality from award winning tannery Wickett & Craig founded in 1867.

It is designed and cut with a shoemaker’s knife so that nothing is wasted.

To read more about Wickett & Craig special tannery techniques click here.

Shoemaker's knife

Each item is hand cut with a shoemaker’s knife

The techniques used are natural and eco-friendly.

The vegetable tanning process takes 6 weeks just to prepare the leather.

It’s an age old process that has been used for over 150 years.

Leather tanning at Wickett and Craig

Vegetable tanning at renown Wickett & Craig


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